Police: Separate cases believed to be connected to same Flakka batch

LCPD says there's been recent increase in use of designer drugs


LAKE CITY, Fla. – The Lake City Police Department's Criminal Interdiction Unit is investigating several incidents involving users suspected to have taken Flakka from the same batch, one that has caused worse than-usual effects, authorities said Friday. 


According to Sgt. Robert Milligan, who supervises the unit, at least three separate incidents in the
past week are believed to be related. He said there may be a batch of Flakka that has been sold in Lake City that has been somehow altered or modified and has caused "particularly bad effects and irrational


Investigators said they're also awaiting a toxicology report from the Medical Examiner’s Office to determine if a fourth incident is also connected. 


“We hope that no one in this community would consider trying any drug, especially something as unknown
and dangerous as a designer drug like Flakka. These substances can cause unpredictable and deadly effects,” said Lake City Police Chief Argatha Gilmore.


Flakka is a designer drug that can cause users to experience hallucinations, extraordinary strength and extreme tolerance to pain, according to the police department. 


Synthetic drugs such as Flakka have been seen in Lake City before, but recent trends have shown an increase in the use of designer-type drugs over more traditional drug choices, such as cocaine, police said.


“One problem with designer drugs is the fact that manufacturers tend to change recipes and add in their own 

ingredients,” Gilmore said. “The inconsistency can result in very dangerous combinations of 

chemicals with side effects that cannot be predicted.”


LCPD urged residents to call police if they see anyone who they believe to be under the influence of "mind-altering substances."