Jags fans say 'Not again; not another losing season'

Chargers' 38-14 defeat of Jaguars prompt calls for new coach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars fans are dealing with another hard loss as the team starts the season 0-2 after falling 38-14 to the San Diego Chargers Sunday.

"It was a slaughter. It was like taking it to the slaughterhouse," fan Ron Middlebrook said.

Head coach Gus Bradley said he’s frustrated.

"We all take blame," Bradley said. "It’s not just the players. It’s not just the coaches. We all shoulder it."

Fans and some people on sports talk radio are placing most of the blame on Bradley.

"He's got all the tools he needs. All the weapons are there on both sides of the ball. He's getting out-coached, plain and simple," fan Don Presley said. "I hate to say it, but maybe it's time for Gus to get on the bus."

"As much as I like him and as much as I think that he is a good guy, it's just that to me the team lacks the leadership," 1010XL host Anthony "T-Wigg" Winnings said.

Sunday was Bradley's 50th game as head coach. He has a 12-38 record -- the worst for a single NFL coach since 1941.

"Right now, there's nothing that you can point to that says this guy has put this team in a better position to win football games," 1010XL host Joe Cowart said.

The game the week before against Green Bay was close, a sign of hope that disappeared for many in Week 2.

An employee at Mellow Mushroom said customers began leaving at halftime Sunday because the game was too hard to watch.

One of the fans said the team looked sharp against the Green Bay Packers, but took a step back this week. Another said coaches need to look at the play book because Sunday's game looked like the Jaguars three years ago.

"I think the coaching issues came up a lot," said Luke Hoppere, a Jaguars fan. "We've got the talent. We are just not running the plays that make sense for what we're up against."


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