Scammers target Camden County residents


CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – Camden County authorities are warning the public about several scams targeting area residents.

Camden County Sheriff's Office deputies took several fraud incident reports this past weekend.

The scammers are sending letters, telling people to cash a check and forward the money to two named people.

The letter recipient is told they will receive money for cashing the check. Most have been sent from Mystery Shopper Inc.

Several other scams have been reported.

They include phone calls saying the person is in trouble because they failed to show as a juror for court and calls pretending to be from the IRS saying the person owes money.

"Just a reminder do not fall for these attempts to get money from you. Do not provide personal information to anyone over the telephone. Tell the caller you are aware this is a scam then simply hang up the phone. Better yet, just hang up on them without saying a word," said the Camden County Sheriff's Office.