Miscommunication means homeowner's hurricane damage not covered by insurance

Hairston came home to devastation after the storm


GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. – It’s been more than a week since Hurricane Matthew damaged homes in several counties across Northeast Florida, and one woman who had homeowners insurance said she won't be covered for damage because of a miscommunication.

Dauana Hairston, who just bought her house in April, came home to devastation after the storm.

“I try to smile every day, but it’s like what do you do?" Hairston said.

Hairston rode the storm out with her parents, but got the call about her home from the Clay County Sheriff's Office last Saturday.

“There’s no way to get in without either being clobbered by the tree, or splitting the house in half," Hairston said.

She can’t get her clothes and the things that mean the most to her are crushed under the weight of a giant tree. Hairston said when she called her insurance company, it told her she was no longer covered because of a missed payment.

She got a new credit card in the mail and never received notice of a missed payment, but she said the company isn’t budging.

"I only missed a month, it’s only $45 for home owners insurance," Hairston said. "Let me pay that. Let me pay for the services I purchased.”

Hairston has called the Federal Emergency Management Agency and applied for disaster relief. She's reached out to the Red Cross, but hasn’t gotten very far.

“The only thing you can do, as humbling as it is, is wait," Hairston said. "I can try and call them and tell them what’s on my mind, but what’s that going to do? You just have to wait and hope they understand your situation and help you. That’s it.”

Hairston said her neighbors have been supportive and have helped her cut parts of the tree down. Her job offered a week off – fully paid. She’s hoping she will qualify for disaster relief.   

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