Florida on pace for record early voting turnout

More than 2 million people have cast ballot already

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – More than 2 million people in Florida have already voted, meaning the state is on pace for record early voting turnout.

Both sides said the early numbers are good for their parties.

Becky Bush was one of the early voters. She said she didn’t want to wait around.

“I work downtown and it’s convenient,” said Bush, adding that this election cycle is “crazy.”

Bush voted opposite of her registered party.
“I look at the candidates, I look at the issues, and I vote my conscience,” Bush said. “I don’t always vote with party.”
“From the Republican standpoint, early voting’s never been a strong point,” said Evan Power, the chairman for the Leon County GOP. “Some of our most hardcore voters vote on Election Day no matter what we try to do.”
But Democratic strategists said they’re ahead of the game.
“Today in 2012, they were up by about 4.5 percent,” said Steve Schale, a Democratic strategist. “Today, we’re basically tied. Based on where we should be, where we typically are at this point in the election, I feel very good.”
Nearly 5 million people voted early or by mail in 2012, a record that’s expected to be shattered this year. Fifty-one counties in Florida are currently offering early voting, with voting locations open in all 67 counties by Saturday.