Georgia-Florida game means big bucks for food trucks


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It was a huge day off the field Saturday for food and merchandise vendors as tens of thousands of fans flocked downtown for the Georgia-Florida game.

Every year, Jordan Litt sets up 'Just Doggin It' in the same spot, just outside RV City. He gets there on Friday and works all day, right through Saturday night, occasionally sleeping a little bit in the car when things calm down.

“It’s one of our favorite events,” Litt said. “We do it every year. We come down here, (get) set up, (and) like to have fun and get out in the middle of it.”

Litt cooks up some of the best food for people partying deep into the night, needing to recover before game time.

To get the day started, the hot seller is their breakfast sandwich. A sausage link, onions, eggs and cheese on a sub roll. It's a popular item to help the hangover. And it's an item that people talk to others about, which helps benefit Litt's business the rest of the year.

“Word of mouth is a big deal for us,” Litt said. “It's one of those things where we are what I like to call, ‘Right in the epicenter of fun.’ We are right where you need to be.”