River City Showdown ends, cleanup begins


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida took the win in the Georgia-Florida showdown at EverBank Field, but Sunday gears shifted from partying at the River City Showdown to cleaning up.

Many people who stayed in RV City have been living out of their RVs for days, and after all the fun, they have to pack up and go home.

Some of the fans said this year was one of the best experiences they've had tailgating.

“It’s the cleanest I've ever seen RV city when I was leaving,” party goer Peter Wells said. “Usually you're stepping over beer cans and crush things, and there's trash everywhere but this year was very well handled.”

Wells and his crew said they were impressed with how clean RV City was the morning after the big game.

“More trash removal (this year),” Wells said. “I noticed that they were coming and changing the trash out every night versus just letting it kind of spill over and pile up.”

PHOTOS: Cleanup following the River City Showdown

Wells said it's a lot of work to pack up and clean up, but it was well worth it. Other fans agreed that cleaning and packing up is all a part of the experience.

“It don't bother me,” Stefan Prevot said. “It's a part of coming down here. Usually, if guys help, it goes pretty quick.”

Alligator Alley had the most fans left cleaning up Sunday morning. It was Florida's 21st victory against the Bulldogs in the last 27 years, so they had reason to stay longer and party harder.

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