Trinity Christian wins appeal, won't forfeit games

Officials said no way for administrators to know student was in violation

File photo of Trinity Christian
File photo of Trinity Christian

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Trinity Christian Academy won its appeal in the case of an ineligible home-schooled player and will not forfeit any games. The decision was made Sunday by the Florida High School Athletic Association.

Trinity has a 6-3 record and is the district champions. Because the appeal went in Trinity's favor, there will be no tie-breaker Monday evening.

Friday, Trinity self-reported that the school had learned one of its players was ineligible based on FHSAA guidelines.

The eligibility error was regarding a home-schooled student's high school registration date. 

In a later statement from the school, officials said there was no way for administrators to know that the student was in violation of the association's rules.

"I am convinced, as are my staff members, that the participation of this student-athlete was completely inadvertent," executive director of FHSAA Roger Deering said. 

Officials from Trinity said they will be working together with the FHSAA in the future to improve the process used by the school to determine student eligibility.