Trump Jr. campaigns at Georgia-Florida game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With the General Election 10 days away, a member of the Trump family made a campaign stop on Saturday in the battleground state of Florida.

Donald Trump Jr. stopped outside of EverBank Field to tailgate at the Georgia-Florida game and campaign for his father, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

Trump Jr. was swarmed every step he took by hundreds of people who wanted selfies and autographs, or to simply send well wishes to his father.

Trump Jr. did manage to get a chance to stop shortly and pick up a microphone.

“Thank you for all of your support,” Trump Jr. said. “It’s just been awesome for me to be able to travel the country, go around (and) be able to see people who are just so disaffected with the political system these days, by politicians, really, on both sides.”

While Trump Jr. was flanked by supporters, Hillary Clinton supporters were not too happy to see the son of the Republican nominee.

Clinton supporters said they feel that the Democratic nominee will weather the most recent development over her emails and the FBI.

“I think it’s all blown out of proportion,” Clinton supporter Will Thompson said. “I think it’s all blown out of proportion. I don’t think what they’re saying is true.

Trump supporters were happy to welcome Trump’s son, even when he made cracks about draining the swamp in Washington, while half the fans here call their own stadium the swamp.

“They were lining up for him as soon as we were telling people he was going to be here,” Trump supporter Ed Hubay said. “They were lining up, and sure enough, he got swamped.”

President Obama is slated to be in Jacksonville Thursday. There’s been no word on the location or time he’ll be appearing.

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