Eric Trump latest big name to campaign in Jacksonville

Texas U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee also stops to campaign for Clinton

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With the election a week away, both presidential campaigns continue to push voters in northeast Florida and across the rest of the state to cast their ballots early.

Democrat Hillary Clinton was back in Central Florida on Tuesday and Republican Donald Trump will return to the state Wednesday, with a noon Thursday rally scheduled at Jacksonville's Equestrian Center. President Barack Obama is to appear at a get-out-the-vote rally for Clinton Thursday afternoon at the University of North Florida.

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One of Donald Trump's sons, Eric, made three stops in Jacksonville Tuesday, including a visit to about 125 campaign volunteers.

"This passion in Jacksonville (is) unlike, frankly, anywhere else," Eric Trump said. "I see the signs all over the place, and you know, people want their country back or wait, they don't want a career politician in the White House. You know, Hillary's been a politician longer than I've been alive, if you can possibly believe it, and I think we need some new blood, fresh blood in Washington, D.C."

He encouraged volunteers to keep up their efforts and keep up their confidence.

"Florida is an incredible state and it's incredibly important to the election. Let's make no mistake, we're going to win Florida," Eric Trump said. 

The 32-year-old talked with supporters about their efforts and reminded them why he believes America will be better off with his father in the Oval Office. 

"I believe in him. And I know him better than anybody, right? He's been the greatest father in the world to me. He's been the greatest boss. He's an amazing leader. I know his talents. He's a great negotiator. He has a work ethic unlike anybody I've ever seen before. I believe in him. I really do," Eric Trump said. "My father has been great. He has been out there talking about the issues that are really hurting people's wallets."

Clinton supporters also continue canvassing the state and our area. Texas U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee spent Tuesday encouraging campaign volunteers across Florida to stay focused until the end.

"We're not letting up. We are moving forward and asking everyone to vote early. We want to make sure there is no voter suppression. Everyone has the right to vote. This is a great time to vote. We have the candidate that will make her mark," Jackson Lee said. "That's what's going to drive Floridians that she has a listening voice and that is what's going to drive the nation as they go to the polls and we are so excited about that."

Jackson Lee said Clinton has her support because she will respond to all the voices in the country and project the right kind of image to the world.

"It is also a statement to the world because the world views America as standard bearer for the peaceful transition of government," Jackson Lee said. "It is the oldest democracy and I believe the face that we show to the world is crucial."

Jackson Lee also shared her contrasting view of Donald Trump.

"We are very unclear of what the GOP candidate has to do or what to say about fossil fuel, climate change, green energy. He's good on attacks but he is not good on policy and plans, and to me the president of the United States -- you have got to be a planner," Jackson Lee said.

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Donald Trump Jr. also campaigned for his father in Jacksonville just days earlier, stopping to tailgate outside EverBank Field at the Georgia-Florida game Saturday. 

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