Navigating the college application process, where to start and when


Jacksonville, Fla. – Fall is upon us, and high schoolers across America have started applying for college.

Many parents and households are under extreme stress trying to navigate the college application process. Parents of high school graduates have questions like, “How will I pay for four years of college?” and,  “Where and when to start the process?”

Founder and CEO of College Advising Corps, Dr. Nicole Hurd, states, “Take a deep breath and proofread your essays.” High school graduates' college application essays are a vital component to the application process and give college review committees a glimpse of the future student. According to Hurd, these essays are vital, and students should compose an in-depth essay that really displays who they are, and let their personality shine through.

The college application process can be overwhelming but Hurd states that students and parents alike should consider all financial options for funding college tuition "Don’t be afraid to apply for financial aid. Americans leave thousands of dollars on the table by not applying.”

Financial Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, is a form that prospective college students can complete and submit to be considered for student financial aid eligibility.

FAFSA is a free online application that is already accepting applications since October 1.

The user friendly forms assist students and parents in determining their financial status and financial aid eligibility.

There are several sources available  for parents and soon-to-be high school graduates according to Hurd, including satpractice.org and collegeboard.org