Family searches for wedding band of man killed in hit-and-run

Ring missing after Donald Goodwin, 39, struck, killed on I-95 exit ramp

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friends and family of a Bartram Springs man killed in a hit-and-run crash on Interstate 95 continues to search in the area of the accident for his wedding band. 

Donald Goodwin, 39, was walking on the I-95 exit ramp to Zoo Parkway Saturday night when he was struck by a Ford Crown Victoria, which did not immediately stop, then by a tractor-trailer, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brandon Haddock, Goodwin's best friend, told News4Jax Thursday that Goodwin's wife is still struggling with closure because her husband's wedding band has not yet been found.

"The one thing that she was adamant about after she was notified was all that she wanted was his necklace and his wedding band. And we had called FHP and they had his necklace that they received," Haddock said. "We also called the coroner's office and said, 'Hey, there's a wedding band.' They said they didn't have it."

Goodwin and his wife had been married more than two years. 

Haddock said he will be going back to the site of the crash to search for the silver tungsten wedding band that has a blue line on the bottom. 

"When you lose someone suddenly like that, you try and hold onto every moment you can. And, obviously, when you get married that's a bond between a husband and a wife. And you want to have everything you can for memories and times you share. That wedding band, the sacred thing when you get married," Haddocks said.

Haddock said it's still a mystery why his friend was walking along I-95.

"We're not sure how he got there or why. All we know is that it involved a hit-and-run," Haddock said. "One person has come forward that you reported. And a gentleman that called the police to report what they had seen."

Kevin Jackson told News4Jax that he saw Goodwin's body as he was driving with his girlfriend on I-95 and called 911. 

"I couldn't believe there was a body on 95, and (I) couldn't really believe nobody would stop to see if this person was okay," Jackson said. "I had to make sure if this is someone who needs help I was going to try to help them."

Lindsay Goodwin, Goodwin's wife, said she was thankful that Jackson stopped to help her husband.

Troopers initially put out a report, saying it was looking for a car that was missing its right side rear view mirror, but by Sunday morning announced that they had identified the car that struck Goodwin, which was driven by 31-year-old Skakina Nicole Bradham. Charges are pending, according to FHP.

Goodwin's family and friends said they will not give up hope on finding the ring. 

Anyone who drove by the accident or found the ring is asked to please email Haddock at BH024935@gmail.com.

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