Advice from early voters: Study the issues, candidates in advance

Early voting ends in Duval county Sunday 7 p.m.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Early voting comes to an end at 7 p.m. Sunday at places like Oceanway Community Center. After that, voters will only have Tuesday to cast their ballot. But, before you do so, there're some things you need to know.

From the Oceanway Community Center to the Gateway Town Center, questions about the 2016 election ballot are being asked.

Early voter Jenna Lopez said the amendments, printed on the backside of the ballot, can be a little confusing.

“The amendments can be a little bit tricky if you don’t really read them and read up on them, because they can be worded in favor, or for you to vote a certain way,” Lopez said. “So, if you aren’t educated on what they are actually asking you, then you can vote a way you maybe didn’t intend to.”

Edwina Washington said for her, it was some of the candidates themselves that were confusing.

“When it came to the supreme courts and, you know, in that area, I wasn’t really sure because I don’t know the people,” Washington said. “So, I just really took a guess.”

Others early voters, like Richard Anderson, said they chose to leave certain areas blank instead of guessing.

“I had questions about it,” Anderson said. “So, basically, I didn’t fill that one out because I didn’t know who it was. I can’t vote for nobody I don’t know who it is.”

The early voters News4Jax spoke with said being prepared is the best way to make the process a more informed and expedient one.

“Nah, it was very easy and quick,” Anderson said.

“It was very quick,” Lopes said. “It took like five minutes, probably. I think early voting is really important because, for me, anyway, because I have a kid. So, it’s hard for me to get out on Tuesday because it’s going to be packed.”

In San Marco, Mark Dickens says waiting until the last minute is better than Election Day.

“It was outstanding,” Dickens said. “It’s really well organized. We went through very fast. There was no waiting. The line was basically non-existent.”

With more than half a million active, registered voters in Duval County who didn’t vote early, expect to wait in line.

“You better come out right now and do it. So, if you don’t, Tuesday, you’ll be in a jam,” Anderson said.

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