Fmr. President Clinton, Rev. Jesse Jackson visit

River City visit comes 3 days before election

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A crowd gathered Saturday at the Democrat Headquarters on the Northside as former President Bill Clinton endorsed the "Stronger Together" campaign on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was also in attendance. He said people need to learn to come together beyond the election, and the key to that is establishing family stability.

"Let's end the violence and the hatred, let's live together as family. We must live together beyond the election," Jackson said.

Dozens of people swarmed former President Clinton as he arrived this afternoon at the Democratic Party headquarters. Jackson joined Clinton at the unannounced "Stronger Together" campaign, and focused on voter suppression.

"We're going to work here tonight with St. Paul baptist church in the morning. We're going to work until the polls close," Jackson said.

Saturday was also a major day in Florida for Donald Trump. This morning, he stopped in Tampa at the Florida State Fairgrounds. He talked about winning the Sunshine State and defeating terrorism.

Jackson also stopped by the Channel 4 newsroom and spoke one-on-one with Ethan Calloway. Jackson explained what he called key differences between Clinton and Trump, and stressed the importance of getting to the polls.

"Every vote really does count," Jackson said. "Convince people that what's at stake is fairness, justice, healthcare, jobs housing and education. Those issues. Not the nasty, ugly name-calling character assassination madness we've seen. We deserve a campaign on issues that affect our daily lives."

Sunday, churches across the city will be promoting Souls to the Polls, encouraging churchgoers to vote early.
Reverend Jesse Jackson mentioned he and other activists will be at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church on the Northside.