FBI: Clinton cleared of charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The FBI will not charge Hillary Clinton for wrongdoing after new emails were uncovered during its investigation into Anthony Weiner.

The Clinton Campaign has stood by the FBI's conclusion since the review was announced. While political experts say the timing of the review could have an effect on her campaign, it doesn't appear to have hindered early voting.

Sunday, FBI Director James Comey announced Clinton will, once again, not face criminal charges. The Clinton campaign is relieved by the announcement.

"We're glad to see that he has found -- as we were confident that he would -- that he has confirmed the conclusions that he really reached in July, and we are glad that this matter is resolved," Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton's communications director, said.

Michael Binder, a UNF political science professor, said the campaign is like nothing before. He says it has engaged people, with nearly 50 percent of registered voters already casting their vote in Duval County, ahead of Tuesday.

Binder said it's diverted people away from some of the other key topics brought up in the election cycle.

"We’re not talking about issues, taxes, immigration, the one issue he (Trump) staked his campaign on," Binder said. "It’s all about personality, this person or that person, mudslinging and whether or not they are good for the county or put in jail.”

The Duval Supervisor of Elections is anticipating an 80 percent turnout.