Times-Union releases special edition

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Since the presidential race when the Florida Times-Union went to the press early Wednesday morning, Jacksonville's metro daily released a special election edition at noon with the headline: "Trump Triumphs."

Mary Kelli Palka, the managing editor, said it became clear the newspaper had to do this since, as the night went on, there would not be a winner declared in time. The edition is available for purchase at the Times-Union building, 1 Riverside Ave., and at select retailers.

The New York Times and Washington Post also ran headlines of "Trump Triumphs." The Orlando Sentinel modified that slightly: "Trump's Triumph." The Miami Herald's front page read, "It's Trump."

The Los Angeles Times' banner headline was: "Stunning Trump Win."

The New York Daily News, a newspaper critical of Trump throughout his campaign, it showcased a front page that read "House of Horrors" with an upside down American flag -- a signal of distress.



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