Roaches found near food shuts down Northside 'Sheik' for several days

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A popular sandwich shop on the Northside was closed last week. The Sheik on North Main Street was shut because of roaches and rodent droppings for four days and finally opened up just this past Monday.

Manager Chad Bullard was taking orders behind the counter on Monday when we asked some questions.

"We just got open today and we're busy today,"  says Bullard.

At first he said he was too busy to talk with us but changed his mind when asked about the rodent droppings and live roaches the inspector found the week before.

"We fixed it. That's why we're open. Everything has been taken care of, we're compliant," says Bullard.
The inspector found roaches inside a cheese storage box, inside a box with coffee filters,  under the front counter service window and also rodent droppings on a shelf under the front counter.
We asked Bullard if he knew the restaurant had a pest problem.

"Yes, it's an old building, there's probably a lot of them out here," replied Bullard.

He said the building is older than him and that fighting pests is a constant battle. Bullard said they do use a well-known extermination company that comes every month. 

Despite the closure, the restaurant was extremely busy and Bullard wants his customers to know that The Sheik on North Main is open and ready to serve.  

"That we're clean they found the most in dry storage. They come in with product but we just have to fight it, we did it," says Bullard.

The Sheik on North Main reopened on Monday with no high-priority violations. There were no violations dealing with pests.


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