Church honors veterans in congregation

Bethel Temple Assembly of God Church honored its vets

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Several men and women who served in the military were honored Sunday by the Bethel Temple Assembly of God Church on the Westside. They were also awarded a signed proclamation from President Obama and a pin.

John Lemore is one of nine Vietnam Veterans being honored at his church.

“I'm proud, proud to be an American, and I've served my country and I would do it again to uphold the peace and what we stand for in this country.” U.S. Army Veteran John Lemore said.

Pastor Noel Roberts said he's glad to be able to recognize those in his church who served our country.

“If it weren't for our veterans, if it weren't for our presently serving military, what kind of country would we be?” Roberts said. “All the way from the organization of this country, it was people who fought, bled and died, and came home a changed person that we can have the freedoms we have.”

The veterans honored said they are all thankful for the active military members continuing to keep our country safe.

“May God richly bless you and help you in your service, and may the country remain grateful to you for your service,” Army National Guard veteran Frank Nipper said.

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