Fair security heightened during final weekend

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Despite fights during the fair last weekend, families said they believe it's still a safe place for families, although some parents were reluctant about letting their children go alone.

Security at the fair was heightened after the fair hit capacity last weekend and some teenagers got into a fight.

Shawna Kovacs has four children, all of whom visited the fair.

"I still think it's family-friendly," Kovacs said. "There's going to be confrontations when you have crowds at this size and this level of intensity.

Last weekend, Jacksonville police arrested an 18-year-old for child abuse in a fight on the fairgrounds. That charge was later dropped. Two cousins also told News4Jax they were jumped on while visiting the fair.

"I feel like if you just hang around the right people and don't get into any arguments then you're fine," Kyla Kramer, a fairgoer, said.

There have been no reports of violence or overcrowding issues during the fair's final weekend. Some people tell us they believe people learned from last Saturday's early closure.