Inside the kitchen with a former health inspector

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Mojo No.4 in Avondale Urban BBQ Whiskey Bar let us inside the kitchen to see where roaches hide.  Former inspector Jessica Tyree with Restaurant Compliance Solutions talks bugs, temperatures, and storage problems that could make you sick.  

Tyree points out where bugs hide in the refrigerator.  Occasionally while checking reports I'll see a report where an inspector found bugs in the fridge gaskets. Tyree explains that if that happens it's almost impossible that workers don't know there's a problem and when the doors closed those bugs can walk all over any food inside.  That's a health hazard since these bugs can carry germs and bacteria.

Tyree also showed us why it's so important that food in the cooler on the line stays at a safe temperature.  It's a high priority violation because it can lead to a food borne illness.  Tyree checks to make sure that proper systems are in place at the restaurant so that workers are in the habit of checking temperatures and keeping the food covered so it can maintain the proper temperature.

Tyree opened up her business to offer her expertise.  She contracts with local restaurants and does  unscheduled inspections just like a state inspector so restaurants can stay in compliance and keep the food  safe. To contact Restaurant Compliance Solutions call 904-567-7415 or go to

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