Mother of injured baby feels closure after sentencing

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mother of a baby girl, injured under the supervision of her cousin, is feeling closure after a judge's ruling.

Seven-month-old Belle Baker was injured while being watched by her cousin, 23-year-old, Terrvahnda Rock. Days ago, a judge sentenced Rock to eight years in prison for child neglect.

Ashley Ervin, the baby's mother, had been out of town and returned home to find her child severely injured.

"I was disgusted. I almost threw up," Ervin said. "I've never felt that way,"

Belle, now 1-year-old, is walking around and very busy. But a year ago, doctors didn't expect that to be the case.

"The Lord was with her," Ervin said. "I heard things I never want to hear. You never want anyone to go through that--not even your worst enemy."

Ervin said Rock's story didn't add up. She was still out of town when she got the news.

"I was called and they stated to me that Belle fell down the stairs," Ervin said.

Doctors said that wasn't the case. Baby Belle was put in intensive care due to multiple injuries. She had brain swelling, both legs and arms were broken, her collar bone was fractured and she had bruises on her face. Doctors told Ervin she'd been abused.

"I had (asked) her (Rock) three times to tell me Truth about what happened to her," Ervin said. "I asked her several times and she still didn't say,"

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office launched an investigation after being alerted by Child Protection Services. Ervin said she's thankful for justice, but she wishes this never happened.

"I told them in court, I have nothing against her - I don't," Ervin said. "I just want justice for my child and that's the reason why I was there -- to make sure my child got justice."

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