Flagler County to begin final pass for storm debris along public roads

Debris pickup for areas west of I-95 to start Saturday


FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – Debris pickup is being closed out on public roads in unincorporated Flagler County, but is complete on the private roads and gated communities.

The final pass for debris pickup for the areas west of Interstate 95 will begin Saturday and is expected to be completed within seven to 10 days.

“Please make sure you have your vegetative debris out by this Saturday if you live west of I-95,” Flagler County Administrator Craig Coffey said. “We cannot say exactly what day crews are going to be on a specific street, so be ready for them. This is the last pass.”

Crews are also in the process of completing a final pass east of U.S. 1 and the same advice applies. Debris should be moved to the public street right-of-way and separated by the following Saturday (December 3) for final pickup.

During this process, once debris haulers go down a public street they will not be coming back. Beyond that it will be the private property owners’ responsibility to haul off the debris or hire a contractor to remove it.

Residents are reminded that only storm-related debris is eligible for pickup. “Spring cleaning” or normal household garbage will not be picked up. Bagged debris and unseparated debris will not be picked up.

Storm-related debris should be separated as vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, and white goods appliances.

No debris should be placed directly under trees, power lines, or near water meter vaults, fire hydrants, telephone pedestals or any other above-ground utility.

For rules on separation of storm related debris, click here