Teen charged with killing grandmother pleads not guilty

Police say Dylan Broughman, 18, beat his grandmother after she hid his beer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville teen charged with beating his grandmother to death pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Police say 18-year-old Dylan Broughman kicked and punched his grandmother, Joyce Courson, 69, because she hid his beer.

Broughman was arraigned Tuesday morning on murder charges, and a judge told him he faces 20 years to life if he's convicted in the beating death.

Witnesses said Broughman became enraged after he got out the shower and realized his grandmother had hidden his beer. Courson died eight days after she was brutally beaten. Police said she was held down and punched in the face multiple times.

Courson's daughter, who is Broughman's mother, was also in court Tuesday and said she's lost both her mother and her son.

“This is not who my son is,” Tracey Broughman said. “He just has severe fits of anger. He definitely needs psychological help. ... He’s not a murderer. He’s a sweet little boy. He has some anger issues and when it comes out, he explodes. My mother didn’t deserve this. This is terrible.” 

Dylan Broughman told officers on the night he was arrested that he blacks out in rage and does not remember what he does. His mother said Tuesday that her son had a psychiatrist, but he refused to take his prescription medications.

”I don’t think my son intentionally did this," Tracey Broughman said. "He was out of control. I don’t think he realized the circumstances at that time.” 

Elise Newsome, Dylan Broughman's sister, said she still can't believe her brother is accused of killing their grandmother.

"It's not fair," Newsome said Tuesday through tears. "I’m just heartbroken and in disbelief. He would have never done this purposely.” 

A memorial for Joyce Courson was held Tuesday.

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