School district investigates claims of bus driver threatening to crash

Reports from students on board bus raise concerns for St. Johns County parents

A different driver was behind the wheel of the school bus Wednesday
A different driver was behind the wheel of the school bus Wednesday

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – The St. Johns County School District is investigating students' claims of a school bus driver threatening to crash the bus if they did not behave. 

Children voiced concerns about the new school bus driver for the Heritage Landing neighborhood near World Golf Village that raised several red flags, parents told News4Jax Wednesday.

Students who ride the bus also complained this week, saying the short trip from their stop at Steamboat Landing Drive and River Lagoon Trace took far too long. 

Cameron Alves, a student who rides the bus, said the driver went the wrong way, stopped at a Buddy Boy's Country Store -- a local convenience store -- and warned riders to behave, or else.

"She said it loud and mean," Cameron said. "And then she got back in and she said, 'I heard all the noise up there and if you guys don't be quiet, I'm going to crash this bus.'"

Christi Meyer, whose daughter rides the bus to kindergarten, expressed frustration over what the kids heard as a threat.

"I was not happy with the situation with the bus driver taking our children somewhere other than the school, which is only a mile and a half down the street," Meyer said. "After what happened in Tennessee, a lot of parents are taking it very strongly that she is threatening to crash the bus our children are in."

According to the St. Johns County School District, transportation officials pulled surveillance footage from the bus, but it wasn't working so there's no evidence to back up the students' claims that she threatened to wreck the bus.

A school official told News4Jax that the driver was a substitute and would not be driving the route Wednesday. 

The bus driver was questioned about the incident and she denied she threatened to crash the bus, according to school officials. 

The district continues to investigate the allegations.

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