Southside Indian restaurant back on the report for roaches

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Managers can't seem to keep roaches from coming back at a southside restaurant.  The Restaurant Report Card  takes us back to  India House on Baymeadows asking questions about bugs.

India House had one high priority violation and it was enough to shut the restaurant down for the night.  Nearly a dozen live roaches were on the cook line above the reach in cooler on the shelf and wall last week.  It happened right before noon. The inspector came back the next morning before it opened up and cleared the restaurant with zero violations.

The last time India House had a closure because of bugs, two months ago, the owner's son took us around the restaurant to show us the changes they made to control the problem.  He walked with our cameras around the kitchen showing the repairs.  First, he said they replaced old wood that might have attracted bugs in the doorway.  They patched and repainted walls and also got rid of wood shelving and replaced it with metal shelves after the inspector said that might help.  He pulled out months of receipts showing pest control and said now they're getting it twice a week to make sure the bugs don't come back.  But they did come back.

This time the bugs were only in one place back near the cook line near the reach in cooler. India House is back open with zero violations and no follow up inspection is required.

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