Tenants frustrated with living conditions at Westside apartment complex

Courtney Manor management disagrees, says repairs completed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People living at Courtney Manor Apartments on Jacksonville's Westside have made complaints about poor living conditions, but the management team at the complex denied any problems.

Elaine Frady said Friday she’s moving out this week. She’s fed up with the situation at Courtney Manor, which is located on Collins Road.

When asked how long she’s been dealing with issues at the complex, Frady said, “For a year, but I just kind of gave up because I felt like there was no resolution, so now I’m moving.”

Frady explained why she decided to move out of the complex.

“So I don’t have to live in bugs,” said Frady, adding that her complaints have been primarily about roaches, which have been a constant problem during her time at Courtney Manor.

Frady has lived in several units at the complex, she said.

“So, I lived in the apartment, the building next door, then I moved into this one last year, a few days before Christmas,” Frady said. “And within maybe 24 hours, there was bugs everywhere -- coming out the vents and a lot in the kitchen. (They were) just everywhere.”

Complaints from other tenants and former tenants reported issues such as regular flooding, mold concerns and roach infestations. They said the complex doesn’t do enough to fix these problems.

Management disagreed with the claims.

The on-site manager of the complex said they respond to every complaint made and referred News4Jax to WRH Realty Services, the real estate company that owns the property, 

When News4Jax called the company, a representative checked all the current work orders and said management was caught up on repairs, and tenants had voiced their satisfaction.

“We pride ourselves into providing a wonderful living experience,” said Shannon Gregory, with WRH Realty Services. “If my team has failed to address (these issues) for our residents, I would love to hear from our residents. So I can personally apologize and remedy the problem.”

Frady disagreed that the complex was on top of all repairs, saying tenants have to submit multiple requests to get any help. For example, she said, getting a replacement refrigerator took a long time, and it wasn’t a good experience overall.

“I gave my daughter the spray and the Raid, and she opened it and roaches came running out everywhere -- from the fridge,” Frady said. “And the same thing happened to the girl next door. It’s the entire complex. And he tried to make me feel like it was me.”

News4Jax contacted the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which sometimes deals with apartment complexes, but officials with the department said Courtney Manor is a privately owned complex that is not subject to funding from the federal government.

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