Uber driver saw '2 motorcyclists speeding by' before woman fell off bike

Witnesses call 911 after woman died when she slipped off motorcycle, hit by car

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Several motorcycles were speeding, weaving in and out of lanes of Interstate 295, just before a woman was killed when she fell off the back of a bike and was hit by a car last month, according to an Uber driver who witnessed the crash and others who called 911. 

Teal Starr, 22, slipped off the motorcycle, which was being driven by Teal's boyfriend, Kristopher Mcanear, on I-295 near the Baymeadows exit about 11:50 p.m. Nov. 19, the Florida Highway Patrol said. He wasn't injured.

LISTEN: 911 call 1 | 911 call 2

News4Jax obtained Tuesday the 911 calls made by drivers who saw Starr lying motionless on the side of I-295. 

Caller 1: "Oh my God. She’s not breathing."
911 dispatcher: "What did she run into?"
Caller: "Oh my lord."
Dispatcher: "What did she run into?"
Caller: "I don’t know. Someone hit her when she was on the back of the motorcycle.”

According to the FHP report, the a white Nissan Altima ran over Starr after she fell from the motorcycle. 

Caller 1: “She’s not breathing."
911 Dispatcher: "OK. We’re going to (send) rescue out there. Are you there with her?"
Caller: "Yes. I’m right here with her. We were behind them and I’ve seen, I don’t know what it was."

More 911 calls came flooding in the aftermath of the accident. 

Caller 2: "We're on the 295 beltway. A motorcycle just fell off the bike seat. A car ran the girl over."
Caller: "She fell off her bike. The bikes were speeding. I’m with the driver that ran her over."
911 Dispatcher: "Does she need an ambulance?"
Caller: "I would think so. The car ran the girl over."

Uber driver Damien Robinson was also on the road that night, taking a customer home. 

"I remember verbally saying 'Whoa,' because I saw two motorcyclists speeding by me really, really fast. I was jarred by how fast they were going, and we both commented about how fast they were going. Maybe five to 10 seconds later, I literally came to a screeching halt," Robinson said. "There were people screaming, I recall being three cars behind and there were people out. I saw someone get out of the car and try to lift her head up. That’s when I knew I can’t stay here to see this."

Mcanear has about a dozen traffic citations and had been arrested three days before the accident for reckless driving, willful disregard for safety and not having a driver’s license. The FHP report on the wreck did not say whether charges were pending against Mcanear.

But Robinson told News4Jax Tuesday that he believed speed was a factor.

"It was shocking because I had to have been going 65 miles per hour and they were easily going maybe 20 to 30 mph faster than me," Robinson said. 

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Susan Starr, the mother of Teal Starr, said she has heard the 911 calls, has hired a lawyer and cannot make any further comment.