State agency finds $670K in unaccounted-for funds in clerk's office

County now conducting independent audit as GBI investigates


GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – A Georgia Bureau of Investigation audit has found more than $670,000 in unaccounted-for funds from January 2011 to May 2014 in the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk's Office, county officials said.

The GBI is still investigating the discrepancies, which totaled about $673,000, to determine if criminal prosecution is warranted.

Glynn County now has an independent auditor looking into the clerk's office books.

Clerk-elect Ron Adams, who will take office in January, is calling for the county to conduct the audit.

The county said it hopes its independent forensic audit will be able to identify the amount of money unaccounted-for, the reasons for the discrepancies and to whom the funds may be owed.

“Glynn County looks forward to working with Superior Court Clerk-elect Adams to better understand the scope of the issues and the details involved,” officials said in a news release.