Rodent droppings found at downtown restaurant


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A Jacksonville Landing restaurant stayed open after an inspector found rodent droppings in the dining room.

Also, two other restaurants needed follow up inspections after officials found violations that raised a red flag.

The Village Bread Cafe had a rough inspection before Christmas but it was allowed to stay open because of where the bugs were found. 

The inspector noted there were more than 30 dry hard rodent droppings in a cabinet underneath the drink station in the dining room. It was the third time in three years that the restaurant has had pest problems.

In 2015, it had to shut down for the night because roaches were found in the kitchen. In 2014, it had to close temporarily for the same reason.

During the most recent inspection, Village Bread Cafe was allowed to stay open because the droppings were not near food. The inspector came back the next day and there were no signs of pests.

The Drive-N-Dine Bar and Grille on South Penman Road in Jacksonville Beach had some issues that put it on the state's radar at the end of the year. 

Food has to be consumed within seven days and that did not happen at this restaurant according to the report.
The inspector had to throw out tuna, potatoes, and eggs that did not meet that guideline.

Drive N-Dine Bar and Grille was cleared the next day with zero high priority violations.

Kamiya on Third Street South in Jacksonville Beach was cited with five high priority violations. 
An employee was found touching pasta with bare hands. Also, vegetables were found at the wrong temperature. 

The inspector advised them to add ice cooler to lower the temperature. The inspector also found raw chicken stored over shrimp and salmon.

The restaurant was cleared four days later when an inspector did a recheck. Workers had corrected all the problem and found zero violations.

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