Officials asking for reports of remaining Matthew debris

Fl. Dept. Of Environmental Protection trying to clean up the St. Johns River


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is asking for your help to clean up the Saint Johns River after Hurricane Matthew.

They are asking you to report any storm debris on private property or floating on the river. An email address has been set up to collect the reports, it's waterwaydebris@gmail.com.

To report debris on private property, send an email with the address, a description of where the debris is exactly, and a picture if possible.

For debris on the river, officials are asking for the GPS coordinates, a description, whether or not it's moving, and a picture.

To figure out the coordinates of a location, you can use Google maps. Just double click the location and Google will show the coordinates at the bottom of the screen.

A list of the exact reporting requirements from FDEP are linked below:

File: matthew debris reporting_20170109080251

When reporting debris, please provide make sure to include your name and contact information