Dozens come forward claiming man threatened them on social media


A man accused of threatening to kill a woman and her child on Facebook is expected to be back in court at the end of the month, but since News4Jax's story aired Monday, dozens of people have come forward claiming Christopher McCall, 28, made threats toward them too over social media.

One of those people filed a police report in 2015. She spoke Sunday about her ordeal.

She said it all started when McCall added her on Facebook. She thought she knew him, but quickly found out she didn't when he started getting angry about her not responding back to his messages.

The woman is a survivor and Sunday, she celebrated being cancer-free, but she said in 2015 she was dealing with cancer and with the man.

"Not only was I fighting for my life for myself, then I have this guy threatening my life too," she said. "That was just stress on top of stress. And it really made me mad."

Lala, who didn't want to give her real name, said she's a bartender and knows a lot of people, which is why she added McCall on Facebook when he friended her.

Soon after that, she said he started berating her with messages, and when she didn't respond, she said things got out of control.

"He made another profile of me using my pictures, contacted my friends in Houston, Texas, where I'm from childhood, telling them he was going to kill me and if I had children, which I don't if he was going to kill them, too," she said.

Mindy Graham is the owner of Professor Whiskey productions, which puts on burlesque shows in town and said McCall showed up to one and had to be escorted out. Many of the dancers had to block him on Facebook because of threats. She heard of his arrest Monday.

"I was completely not surprised. In fact, I'm a little dismayed that it took this long for somebody to notice how aggressive he was being," Graham said.

News4Jax spoke earlier this week with his most recent victim. She said McCall threatened to kill her and her 5-year-old son. In 2010, he was found guilty of threatening to kill another woman for blocking him on Facebook. He was sentenced to 42 days in Jail, but also credited that same amount for time served.

"Words hurt to be slightly millennial, but it's also the truth. And they can foster a sense of fear, that's not necessary," Graham said.

News4Jax contacted the State Attorney's Office to see where it stands in the case. The office sent a response. "Guidelines for the offense have a minimum of 20 months and a maximum of 15 years. Teddy Foster, the assistant state attorney handling the case, is aware of the defendant's history. At a time so early in the process, it is premature to discuss what the state possibly will seek."

McCall's next court appearance is Jan. 31.