Woman checking on tires killed in hit-and-run

Woman in I-95 emergency lane when hit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 25-year-old woman is dead after a vehicle hit her and kept going.

The Florida Highway Patrol said Jazmin Rodriguez was headed to her second job Saturday when she pulled over to check her tires on I-95, near the Old St. Augustine Road exit.

The FHP said Rodriguez was stopped in the outside emergency lane. Someone in a silver Honda SUV hit her and kept going. The crash threw Rodriguez under her car, officials said.

Her fiancé, Alexander Baker, was on the phone when it happened.

"That was my best friend. That was the love of my life. That was my son's mother," Baker said.

Their son is 8 years old.

"When we got there, I guess they were doing chest compressions, trying to revive her again," said Marian Shelton, her mother-in-law.

Rodriguez was taken to Orange Park Medical Center, where she died.

Shelton and family members are recounting the moment they got to the hospital after someone hit their loved one and kept driving.

"She was 24 years old. She had her whole life ahead of her," Shelton said.

Her boyfriend said Rodriguez regained consciousness for a short time before she died. She was able to tell police that the vehicle that hit her was a silver Honda Pilot that could have been made in 2009 through 2011.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

Rodriguez' family is planning to release green and black balloons in her honor at 3 p.m. Tuesday at Drew Park on Barnes Road South.