Police: Surveillance video shows ex-firefighter stealing cash from fire station

Joshua Williams, 25, resigns after being arrested on misdemeanor charge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former Jacksonville firefighter can be seen stealing cash from a fire station in a recently released surveillance video, according to police.

Joshua Williams, 25, resigned last month after he was arrested on a misdemeanor theft charge.

Williams, who delivered supplies to fire stations, came under suspicion after thefts of money occurred at various fire stations he visited, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Integrity Unit.

In November, detectives set up surveillance cameras inside several fire stations, including in the kitchen of Station 17, where they planted money in three places around the room.

News4Jax obtained Tuesday the surveillance video from Station 17, after filing a motion to have the footage released. 

UNCUT: Fire station surveillance video

Police said the video captured Williams going through drawers and taking cash. 

"There he has the money in his hand. So he's caught. At this point, he's caught," said Gil Smith, News4Jax crime and safety analyst, while watching the video. "(He's) trying to find places where more money is kept, turning things over. Again, this is not his responsibility and should not be in those drawers at all."

Smith said what's seen in the video is the ultimate violation of trust. 

"I think of it the same way I would think of a police officer doing this," Smith said. "They're trusted people sworn to protect and serve the community. He's actually taking from the community, taking from his own people, also."

After Williams made a Nov. 22 delivery to the station, investigators found $167 was missing from two of the locations, according to the arrest report.

Police said they confronted Williams later that day and found in his pocket cash with the same serial numbers as the bills that had been planted. 

"It was very effective and, hopefully, it sends the message to anybody else who’s doing the same job or working anywhere within the city that you're going to be caught and arrested for committing these crimes," Smith said. 

News4Jax stopped by Williams' Westside home Tuesday, but did not see anyone.

His pretrial hearing is scheduled for Jan. 25.