Teen shot at Landing helped dying girl in November shooting

Khamoi Petersen helped 18-year-old shot at Cleveland Arms, girl's mom says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 16-year-old boy shot and killed in front of the Jacksonville Landing this week helped a dying girl during a shooting in November near the Cleveland Arms Apartments, the girl's mother told News4Jax.

Xacia Burnem, 18, was killed on Nov. 13 in a shooting that also left a 22-year-old mother and her 11-month-old baby dead.

Khamoi Petersen, who was shot Monday afternoon at the Landing and died at a hospital, tried to revive Burnem after the November shooting and called her mother on the way to the hospital to tell her what had happened, Burnem's mother, Pamela Williams, said.

The day after Petersen's shooting, which also left a 13-year-old boy injured, Sheriff Mike Williams told reporters that the shooting was likely gang-related.

Pamela Williams said she's upset that anyone could think Petersen is linked to gangs.

“That’s not the person I met at the hospital. He’s a real mannerable young man. He was really hurt (by) my daughter's (shooting),” Pamela Williams said. “To see this happening and to see young people taking each other’s lives.”

Petersen's family was also upset by the implication of the sheriff's comments regarding gangs.

“My son has never been in trouble. Never got in trouble. Never been in any kind of altercation with the law,” Petersen's mother, Monifah Petersen, said Tuesday at a vigil for her son. “He’s never been in a gang. He’s not affiliated with a gang. Stop scandalizing Khamoi’s name.”

But News4Jax crime analyst Gil Smith said the sheriff didn't specify who in the shooting might be connected to gangs, whether it be victims, witness or the shooters.

“The sheriff would not come out and say this is a gang-related incident without very solid information. Because in all cases, the sheriff would only give a very small amount of information to the media. He has to hold back most of the information he has. So for him to say this is a gang-related incident tells me he has very solid information,” Smith said. “There is a gang database the sheriff’s office uses, so it would be easy to find out whether he had any gang ties or affiliation base on whether something comes up. They may have received something through that channel. Also they have people there at the scene that could lead people in different directions.”

News4Jax also obtained a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office incident report, showing Khamoi Petersen received a warning for trespassing at Cleveland Arms on Friday after residents complained of seeing someone walking around waving a gun.

Police found no gun, and Khamoi's mother said he was just in the area playing basketball and did nothing wrong, despite the interaction with police.

The report said residents complained “a subject was walking around … waving a gun at people. Additional citizens called 911 to report the same thing.”

Police said they stopped Khamoi Petersen, who told police he was visiting friends in the complex. Officers did not find a weapon but said Khamoi “gave conflicting statements about whether he had a firearm” and was issued a trespass warning for “possible intimidation of citizens.”

The report added that Khamoi's mother showed up and was very upset with him.

Police are still working to find the shooter or shooters who killed Khamoi Petersen and wounded the 13-year-old. Anyone with information is asked to call JSO at 904-630-0500 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

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