Scott 'really excited' on eve of Trump's inauguration

WASHINGTON – The energy was high in the nation's capital on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

"We need a reason to celebrate. Look at the success we've had in Florida -- we've added almost 1.3 million jobs. And now we have a president who is going to be a partner," Florida Gov. Rick Scott told News4Jax Thursday. "I'm really excited about what's going on."

Scott, clearly enthusiastic about the incoming administration, also expressed his excitement about what he sees as a great thing for Florida.

"I've known Donald Trump a long time. He's a good friend. Mike Pence is a good friend. Some of these cabinet members, I've known for quite a while. It's going to be good for our state because we're going to solve problems. That's what people elected us to do, and that's what I'm going to get done," Scott said.

Scott had some disagreements in Washington with President Barack Obama, including wanting to know if Syrian refugees would be forced on the state. Scott said he believes progress will come from a new perspective and his relations with Trump.

"The federal government needs to be focused on the same thing we are. I want to keep people safe. I want people to have a job. And I want people to get a good education," Scott said.

Scott hosted one of the first inaugural balls, the Florida Sunshine Ball, on Wednesday night. 

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