Two local restaurants were temporarily closed because of roaches

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two local restaurants had temporary closures because of roaches.  Both were allowed to reopen but one is still on the inspector's radar. 

23 Flavors on Confederate Point Road had seven high priority violations during a last week's inspection.

Fifteen live roaches were found in the door trim that separates the kitchen from the dish area. The inspector also found 25 flies in the dish area, according to the report.  Another violation on the inspection was open raw chicken stored over open raw salmon. That violation could cause contamination.

The inspector came back the next day and there was still a roach in the kitchen. The restaurant had to stay closed a few more hours. Later that day, 23 Flavors was cleared and allowed to reopen but it still needs a follow-up inspection because of an expired license.

Thai Cuisine and Noodle House on San Jose Boulevard was also closed for the night because of roaches.
The owner said he believes the problem is within the building and not about cleanliness. 

The inspector found live roach activity in several areas in the kitchen.

The bugs were found near the sink, behind the cooler, and there was one on the cutting board.  The operator said after hearing of a guest complaint on social media he called pest control and his exterminator was there the day before the inspection, treating the restaurant.

The inspector did come back the next day and the restaurant was cleared to reopen with zero high priority violations.


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