Father talks about 'Kamiyah's' homecoming

18-year-old raised by kidnapper attends her biological father's birthday

Alexis Manigo with her biological father, Craig Aiken, at Saturday night's birthday party.
Alexis Manigo with her biological father, Craig Aiken, at Saturday night's birthday party.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The birth father of the 18-year-old woman kidnapped at birth from a Jacksonville hospital said having her attend his birthday party Saturday night was the best gift in the world.

Kamiyah Mobley, who now goes by the name Alexis Manigo, was with family at the Vibe Nightclub on Philips Highway that was rented out to celebrate Craig Aiken's birthday. Aiken didn't want to give a formal interview about the event, billed as his daughter's homecoming, but said he is impressed at her positive demeanor towards the family. 

Aiken said it was a really good weekend, with the party and breakfast Sunday before Mobley headed back to South Carolina, where she was raised by a woman who is now in the Duval County jail accused of kidnapping. 

Aiken said the daughter he met for the first time a week earlier is a loving, happy person who doesn't want to hurt or upset anyone. He understands her emotions are normal, and she's trying to navigate through them, which is something he respects greatly.

Despite all that happened, he said it feels natural and normal to have her with the family, like it's always been that way.

Aiken said he had good conversations with her and that they talk on the phone every day. He added that he won't press her on moving to Jacksonville or details about her growing up because he's focused on knowing her better. He believes that will help him understand where she's coming from moving forward. Most importantly, he said this is the beginning of a long journey that he is excited to be on and says there are many fun adventures in their future.