Protesters take fight against pipeline to state Capitol

Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline crosses into North Florida


LIVE OAK, Fla. – About 60 people carrying signs stood on the steps of the old state Capitol on Monday to protest the Sabal Trail Pipeline, which is under constriction in north central Florida.

The protesters fear the petroleum the pipeline will carry will pollute water supplies.

John Quarterman, of the Suwanee Riverkeepers, said they also hope to get the attention of state regulators, who they say aren’t doing their job.

“We need the public against this. There are many ways, as I mentioned, that it can still be stopped, and we need to stop it,” Quarterman said. “One thing is their permit violations, because they’re making them. A frack out, a sinkhole, there’s all sorts of things. Fine them.”

The pipeline, when finished, would move one billion cubic feet of gas to Florida.