Ware County schools reopen on delayed schedule

Ware, Brantley, Pierce counties canceled school after flooding

WAYCROSS, Ga. – All Ware County Schools will reopen Wednesday on a one-hour delayed schedule, the superintendent announced Tuesday.

Three southeast Georgia school districts canceled classes Monday after a severe storm swept through the area Sunday, leaving a wake of flooded roads and damage.

Schools in Ware, Pierce and Brantley counties remained closed Monday as crews assessed problem areas.

Ware County schools were also closed Tuesday and will reopen Wednesday on a delayed schedule.

"The delay will provide all drivers the benefit of traveling during daylight hours, which will keep our students and staff safer as they drive through areas that were damaged during the recent storms," Ware County Superintendent Jim LeBrun said in a news release. "While the majority of roads have been repaired and are passable at this time, road work will continue in some areas. Drivers should use caution."

The one-hour delay will affect bus pick-up times as well as school opening times. If a student is normally picked up at 6:30 a.m., he or she will be picked up at 7:30 a.m. If a school building opens to students at 7 a.m., it will open Wednesday at 8 a.m. A tardy bell that rings at 7:40 a.m. will ring at 8:40 a.m. Wednesday. the one-hour delay will not affect school dismissal times.

Waycross resident T.J. Jewell said she was glad school officials canceled classes after the storm, which she said was frightening.

"We got woken up by the alerts on our phones at like 7:30 in the morning," Jewell said. "We watched the news. It was very scary, because we really just didn't know."

Jewell said she's thankful that Ware County escaped with no reports of damage or injuries.

"We are very thankful. We owe it all to God," Jewell said. "We are blessed."

Brantley and Pierce counties have already resumed classes.

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