Principal: Student arrested after taking gun to First Coast High

Principal Simmons says student to face criminal charges, possible expulsion

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A First Coast High School student was arrested Wednesday after taking a firearm to campus, according to an automated call parents received from the school's principal.

Principal Timothy Simmons said the student will face criminal charges as well as possible expulsion. 

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School administrators first received a tip from a student about another student bringing a weapon to campus. 

Duval County School District police were called to investigate and discovered a firearm in a student's possession, Simmons said.

The gun was confiscated and the student, who was not named, was taken into custody, according to the principal.

No students or staff were threatened or harmed.

In the message to parents, Simmons said: 

"While we are very pleased with the responsiveness and cooperation of our students, staff and security teams, we request your parental support. Please talk with your children about the serious consequences of bringing a firearm or weapon on campus. Encourage positive conflict resolution strategies and emphasize the importance of notifying a trusted adult whenever your child feels threatened. In addition, we ask that you monitor your child’s belongings and the items he or she may bring to school. Please continue to partner with us in keeping First Coast High School a safe and effective learning environment."

At Fletcher Middle School, a student was arrested after bringing a knife and a starter pistol to campus on Wednesday, Principal Teresa Mowbray said.