Reports of voter fraud are few, far between

Every complaint investigated by Florida Department of Law Enforcement


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – President Donald Trump is calling for a national investigation into voter fraud, but officials say it isn't happening here.

Florida Democrats were quick to pounce on the president's tweet, pointing out that the investigation should start with Trump's own chief strategist, who was registered in both New York and Sarasota.

After the posting, Steve Banyon's name was quickly removed from voter rolls in Sarasota.

Senate Democratic Leader Oscar Braynon followed with a letter, calling on the Secretary of State to investigate.

"What I realized is that if there were voting irregularities then that would mean he didn't win, and if that's the case, maybe they need to investigate," Braynon said.

Reports of voter fraud are few and far between, and every complaint is investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Just over 20 million votes were cast in Florida over the last two cycles. Thirteen complaints were received by the Department of Law Enforcement.

Elections supervisors downplayed the potential of voter fraud before the election.

"It would be virtually impossible," said Ron Labasky, Supervisors of Elections Association.

They stand by their statements. Senate Ethics and Elections Chair Kathleen Passidomo said there are no plans to open an investigation.

"We haven't seen anything. We haven't been asked to investigate," Passidomo said. "I think he's talking about other states, perhaps. I haven't heard him speak about any voter fraud he's identified in Florida."

In a statement, the Secretary of State's spokesperson said the office is not aware of widespread voter fraud and safeguards are in place to prevent it.

Gov. Rick Scott, who is ultimately responsible for how elections are run in Florida, is saying only that he is glad we had record turnout and a smooth election in November.