Downtown senior living community without water


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Residents of a Downtown senior community were without water nearly all day Sunday due to a large renovation project at the facility. 


Management at the Cathedral Terrace Senior Community said the building was already under renovation when the water suddenly went out at around 5 a.m.


Many residents were confused by the outage because they say the management never told them why the water was out and assumed management never gave them notice. 


News4Jax spoke with the senior community’s management who said, “As you aware Cathedral Terrace is going through a large renovation project to improve the property. During this, sometimes unexpected outages with utilities can occur. Once management was aware, we responded very quickly. Water has been restored to all residents in the building."


Management told News4Jax that water has been restored to all of the residents, and the regional property manager was on site with plumbers making sure that things run smoothly.