Antique Civil War gun returned 22 years after being stolen

Gun stolen from Connecticut returned to man who now lives in St. Johns County


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A unique gun reported stolen 22 years ago from a man in Connecticut has been returned to its owner who now resides in St. Johns County.

Lawson Rowe received a phone call from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office telling him they recovered one of his guns that was reported stolen in 1995.

Back then, Rowe lived in Bristol, Connecticut. The gun that was reported stolen was one of his antique collections from the Civil War.

Rowe said he kept the weapon on the second floor of his home and never thought anyone would try to steal it.

“The guy who put the alarms in said, 'Don’t bother with the second floor, because no one ever hits the second floor.' Yeah right,” Rowe said.

When asked if he would ever shoot the weapon, Lawson said, "No way."

Because it’s an antique, he said he wouldn’t want to risk having the gun blowing up in his face.  

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