John Morgan sounding more like candidate for governor

Man behind constitutional amendment for medical marijuana was in state Capitol


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The man behind the successful constitutional amendment for medical marijuana was in the state Capitol on Thursday, where John Morgan is sounding more and more like a candidate for governor.

Morgan said he spent $10 million passing the medical marijuana amendment. It got 71 percent of the vote. A successful trial lawyer, his name is plastered on buses and buildings.

There is now a draft John Morgan for Governor movement. John Clark brought buttons to the Capital City Tiger Bay luncheon.

"He is a good, strong man that we need for Florida," Clark said.

Morgan himself is undecided. He talked about the negative personal attacks in the marijuana campaign as an eyeopener of what could come.

"Does this fit my success to significance, or is really just an ego trip that might destroy me in the end? Those are the things that I think about," Morgan said.

But it's clear he has been thinking about the issues on which to run. At the top of the list is a higher minimum wage.

"People do not make enough money to survive," Morgan said.

He calls the idea of private prisons misplaced, said he would end the war on teachers and told the crowd to stop criticizing the president.

"We got to hope he succeeds, don’t we?" Morgan said.

He would also decriminalize marijuana.

"The war on drugs has failed. It's a great failure," Morgan said.

Morgan and Morgan spends $80 million a year on advertising, and that means John Morgan doesn't have to make a decision for another year or so.

Morgan said that if he runs and wins, he would only serve one four-year term, then go back to his life. In addition to being a lawyer, Morgan owns stakes in hotels, a casino and more.