Plan would help military spouses practice law

(iStock / zimmytws)

The Florida Bar is seeking approval of a proposal that would make it easier for military spouses to practice law in the state.

The proposal, filed this week at the state Supreme Court, would apply to attorneys who are married to members of the military stationed in Florida.

It would allow those attorneys, who are licensed in other states, to practice law without first being required to pass the Florida Bar exam.

"Due to the unique mobility requirements of military families, lawyers licensed in a jurisdiction other than Florida often have to relocate to Florida with their spouse who is in the military," the proposal said. "Currently, that lawyer is unable to engage in the practice of law in Florida without completing the Florida Bar Examination. Moving to Florida and taking the Florida Bar Examination is often impractical because of the timing of the deployment to Florida and the dates the bar examination is given. The timing issues could result in the military spouse being reassigned before the lawyer spouse is admitted. The cost of having to take multiple bar examinations is also often prohibitive. For these (reasons), some lawyer spouses choose to remain in the jurisdiction where they are licensed, splitting families apart while the military spouse is stationed in Florida."

The admission to the Florida Bar would only last as long as the military member remains stationed in the state, under the Bar petition seeking approval from the Supreme Court.