School officials: Student burned in welding class at Palatka High


PALATKA, Fla. – A student was burned while in a welding class at Palatka High School Tuesday, Putnam County School District spokesperson Kirk Collier said.

Collier said the student was wearing all the proper safety equipment while in the welding classroom.

The student was using a grinder tool and had it pointed in a direction where sparks were flying toward him, Collier said. The sparks flew onto the student's clothing, which then caught fire.

Collier said the student was wearing the safety denim welding shirt and a T-shirt underneath, which were taken off as they caught fire.

The student had burns on his arm and all down his side to his belt line.

Palatka High contacted and notified the student's family and he was taken for medical attention, Collier said.

It is unknown how the student was transported to receive medical attention or what his condition is at this time.