Julington Creek restaurant offers taste of safety with ‘angel shot'

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – The "angel shot" is not an ordinary drink that customers can order at the bar. It's an order that could save someone's life.

A local St. Johns County restaurant picked up the idea of the shot that's been taking the nation by storm.

Bartenders at Saucy Taco in Julington Creek are ready to serve up an angel shot whenever needed.

Customers order the shot when they feel they are in a threatening or uncomfortable situation.

"It was actually one of our owners. They heard about it and he completely fell in love with the idea of the shot," bartender Alexis Bailey said.

A normal shot is a refreshment for anyone over the age of 21, but at Saucy Taco, the angel shot is the one drink that anyone can order, regardless of their age.

There are also different ways to order the shot to let the bartender know what kind of help you need.

"You come up to the bartender and you're going to order an angel shot," Bailey said. "You're going to order one of three ways."

A customer who orders the shot neat is letting the bartender know that she needs to be escorted to her car, in order to ensure that she gets there safely.

Bailey said a customer can order the shot with ice if she needs the bartender to call a taxi for her.

Finally, if a customer orders the angel shot with a lime, an employee will call the police.

Details about the angel shot and how to order it are posted in the women's bathroom.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence are major public health problems that affect millions of people ever year.

Restaurants such as Saucy Taco implemented the angel shot to hopefully decrease those numbers.

Saucy Taco said they have not had anyone ask for an angel shot yet, but their bartenders are trained for whenever it happens.