Renowned Spanish artist meets Jacksonville eye doctor

Javier Martin visits Gulani Vision Institute to meet Dr. Gulani


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville eye surgeon and a renowned Spanish artist met, and they have more in common than meets the eye.

Internationally renowned artist Javier Martin visited Gulani Vision Institute to meet with ophthalmologist Dr. Arun Gulani.

Martin met patients with complex LASIK and cataract situations at the institute while discussing the importance of vision with Gulani.

"It's a privilege for me that Javier Martin came to our institute because we share the same views. I do believe eyes are an art. Eye surgery is an art," Gulani said.

Gulani approaches each surgery as an artist and releases his client's full potential with vision.

"To me, the ability to make patients see -- and that's what Javier and me were discussing as art -- it has to go beyond just the physical part of surgeries to get them the full potential, and that's when every patient can rise up and reach their whole capacity in life," Gulani said.

Martin's video performance piece "Lies and Light" was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville. His artwork focuses on how vision distracts from reality.

"My blind concept is about how the society is blind with the superficial things and how the people forget the value inside," Martin said.

The two visionaries reflected upon the importance of vision beyond 20/20.

"We talk about how vision actually blinds people, by not letting them reveal their true identities and their true potentials," Gulani said.

"We go more. We go to the next level to create a legacy, to create ambition for the future," Martin said.

Patients that came from as far as Russia, New York and Tennessee for procedures at the institute got to meet the well-known artist.

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