Catapult to launch drugs from Mexico over U.S. border destroyed

U.S. Border Patrol agents find device attached to fence during patrol


DOUGLAS, Ariz. – It was a contraption built to launch drugs across the border from Mexico into the United States, and U.S. Border Patrol agents have made sure it can't be used again.

During a patrol last Friday east of the Douglas Port of Entry in Arizona, agents noticed several people on the south side quickly moving away from the fence as they approached. When the Douglas Station agents arrived, the people got away, and agents discovered why they ran. A catapult system was attached to the fence and two bundles of marijuana were located in the area, too.

Law enforcement authorities in Mexico were contacted and responded to investigate.

I spoke with Rob Daniels with U.S. Customs and Border Protection who tells me, after a bit of welding, U.S. agents were able dismantle the catapult system -- which was then seized by Mexican authorities. 

As for the Marijuana, U.S. agents took possession of the bundles, which combined, weighed more than 47 pounds.

Daniels tells me, this is not the first time agents have found modified catapults as a creative way to try and smuggle drugs into the U.S.  He says agents have even found a makeshift cannon to do the same thing. However, he adds, smugglers still tend to use traditional methods to bring drugs across the border through the ports of entry.

Daniels says as in these type situations, CBP welcomes assistance from their law enforcement partners in Mexico. The agency also appreciate the efforts of U.S. citizens -- who often report suspicious activity to Border Patrol.

Anyone wishing to report suspected illegal activity may do so and remain anonymous by calling (877) 872-7435. Reporting suspicious activity to any law enforcement agency could result in saving someone’s life.