Teacher of the Year Finalist: Michael Bostic-Jones

Raines High School

Michael Bostic-Jones teaches history and he knows a thing or two about the history of the Duval County Teacher of the Year award. In 2015, he was a finalist and he’s hoping 2017 will be his year.

Bostic-Jones, who is the chairman of the social studies department at Raines High School, is also aware of his personal history and how it impacts the way that he connects to his students. Bostic-Jones grew up in the foster care system.

“I try to use my background as a way to be a motivational tool for those students, someone they can look to who has done it before,” said Bostic-Jones. 

He routinely yells down the hallways of Raines High School, imploring student to “be great!”

“You have to give them insight to the future, motivate them, challenge them, push them to be the greatest person they can be,” Bostic-Jones said. "My job is to show the children that the world is their oyster. The only thing holding them back are their own fears."

He has also taken students on volunteer trips to Costa Rica in each of the last two years.